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New Products
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Dice Hopper by Tenyo Magic

One at a time, four dice, each in their own container magically gather together with the "leader d..

Rp. 350,000

Magical Mystery Trick by Quique Marduk

This simple but fabulous mentalism effect in an impromptu format can be performed in many different ..

Rp. 400,000

NOW! Android Version by Mariano Goni Magic

NOW! is the one of the most technologically advanced products on the magic market today.Borrow ..

Rp. 925,000

PP Prediction Note by Himitsu Magic

You surely have seen forced selections, but have you ever seen three things that you can force? Su..

Rp. 550,000

Split Personality by Wayne Dobson

The premise is easy...The magician displays two sets of cards and a prediction. One pile is of last ..

Rp. 500,000

SPS Magic Presents David Garrard's LINEUP

A great mentalism WhoDoneIt!A crime has been committed! A suspect is in custody! Now all we need is ..

Rp. 550,000

Sword Reward by Tenyo Magic

A coin (with a hole in the center) and a ring are placed into a clear box. A mini sword is place t..

Rp. 400,000

The Whistle Blower by OGrady Creations

Long awaited to the Modern Practical Joke Range is The Whistle Blower by O'Grady Creations..

Rp. 700,000