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Comedy Jumping Rose

A red rose flower is seen on the performers lapel, vest, hat or any other object.  When perfo..

Rp. 200,000

Dirty Hand Gag by Premium Magic

A sure fire laugh getter! An assistant from the audience is called upon to help you. Before they tou..

Rp. 375,000

Dribble Water Glass (Joke Cup)

Hand-cut glass has cleverly concealed slits which lets liquid seep through. Perfect for the dinne..

Rp. 180,000

Ketchup Gag

These plastic bottles look just like the squeeze bottles of ketchup found at many hot dog stands, bu..

Rp. 125,000

Laughing Mirror

"Mirror, mirror…" This tiny hand held mirror will put the vain back in place. When picked up and gaz..

Rp. 175,000

Magic Tie trick Andy Hickman

magine having complete control over your necktie as it levitates, lowers, and animates at your comma..

Rp. 350,000

Pop Tie Magic by Fun Inc

A great comedy prop, simply attach this gimmick behind your own tie and whenever you want, you can e..

Rp. 60,000

Rattlesnake Eggs Prank Envelopes

Classic pranks never say die, but this one may make you think your life is in danger with Rattle..

Rp. 50,000

Snake in a Can Prank (Salted Mixed Nuts)

Includes a single can. Give your friends a shock with this funny prank Realistic looking mixed nu..

Rp. 125,000