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Decisions Yes/No Edition (DVD and Gimmick) by Mozique

A simple yet unbelievable demonstration of predicting your spectators actions!!From the creative min..

Rp. 675,000

Fair Trade by Smagic Productions

From the mind of Ninh, Smagic presents to you FAIR TRADE A beautiful and amazingly visual transplant..

Rp. 375,000

Ghost Impression by Blue

Ghost Impression is an astonishing trick that will definitely blow your mind. You ask a spectator..

Rp. 1,450,000

Magical Knots by Joker Magic

The performer shows a rope to the spectators. He coils it up around his hand, sprinkles a little..

Rp. 425,000

Mercury Wallet by Jim Pace

Performer hands their wallet to a spectator then asks them to hand it back. The spectator is then as..

Rp. 975,000

Newtons Joke by Patrick Snowden

Defy the laws of gravity. Unlike the actual method of Newton's Joke, this improved method allows you..

Rp. 250,000

Recovery by Tobias Ismaier

Recovery is the easiest and most practical (yet very deceptive!) piece-by-piece Torn and Restored Ca..

Rp. 450,000

Second Form By Shin Lim

Second form is a collection of 15 modern thoughts in card magic focused on visual and practical appl..

Rp. 300,000

Suits Control (BLUE) by Henry Evans

The Magician has a spectator help him shuffle the deck, and make sure that thte deck is well shuffle..

Rp. 600,000

To the point by Danny Weiser

This is a super visual 3 phase routine using a normal pencil in which you end clean. First the end ..

Rp. 500,000

X-Ray Resistant Cards (with Marker) by Astor

Six Experiment Cards and a Prediction Card is presented to the audience. All of which can be fully e..

Rp. 825,000