Spider Pen Pro (With DVD) by Yigal Mesika

Spider Pen Pro (With DVD) by Yigal Mesika

Watch and learn as Yigal Mesika himself guides you through the basics of levitation to bring you to an exceptional level of performance. You will learn his signature effects, tips, and subtleties; that will make you feel like you are receiving his live personal coaching.


Zero Gravity Bill Terry Lunceford's Floating Finger Ring Floating Straw Walking Bill Additionally you will learn the Spider Spool saving technique that will save you a lot of money, and you will learn Yigal's ultimate method for locking IT in the wax. Spider Pen Pro Features:

The first electronic reel with no buttons or manual switches Powered by an electric micro motor No noise - completely silent Operates with one AAA battery that will last you easily over a year (one performance a day, battery not included.) Walk up to 35 feet away from floating objects Constant perfect even tension means no more bouncing objects No springs or rubber bands - Lets you pull AS MUCH I.T. AS YOU NEED!

Changing the spool is as easy as 1-2-3 A real writing pen with refillable ink Made of premium quality steel with a chrome finish. Exchangeable pen clip - easily swap for another color Locking Method- Levitate and animate even heavier objects Comes with a DVD running approx. 60 minutes shot in HD.

The only Magic Device with 3 patents MADE IN THE USA Still have concerns? The Spider Pen Pro is easy to master and always ready to go.

Unlike any other reel You have nothing to hide. Versatile Perform sleeveless No assistants necessary. Perform completely surrounded!!!

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