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All Access by The Miracle Factory

You push back your sleeve and display a V.I.P. wristband, then break it off. It instantly vanishes ..

Rp. 450,000

Anti Gravity Box by Thinking Paradox

Unliftable is a revolutionary take on the "light & heavy chest" plot. Imagine being able to make..

Rp. 200,000

Ash and Ember by Zach Heath

In magic there are few things more visually striking than the visible changing of an object. Ash &am..

Rp. 800,000

Atomic Glass by Zanadu

This is one of the strongest, most visual penetrations available on the market. The magic appears to..

Rp. 225,000

Auto Appearing Neck Tie by Sumit Chhajer

Are you looking for a unique magic trick which is completely visual and instant!..... This is it ..

Rp. 150,000

Ball and Tube Mystery by Magic Makers

The Silver Ball is placed on the brass bar. The ball mysteriously sinks into the solid bar out of..

Rp. 375,000

Beating Inflation by Fun Time Magic

The performer displays a blank piece of paper freely on both sides. “One of the best and most prof..

Rp. 150,000

Benz by Sean Fields

There are fewer joyful moments from a spectator when they open their hand and witness a hard, metal ..

Rp. 600,000

Brass Hot Rod by Magic Makers

The Magic HotRod is one of the most effective props in magic you can own! ..

Rp. 650,000

Card Attack by Alex Lourido

A spectator's selected card literally burns its image onto x-ray film! A Truly spectacular site! ..

Rp. 675,000

Card on Ceiling (Box) by Michael Ammar

Michael Ammar 's Signature effect! UnForGetable! The spectator selects a card & returns ..

Rp. 300,000

Cloud 9 by CIGMA Magic

Cloud 9, produced and created by Cigma, is an innovative special effects smoke device with a delicat..

Rp. 2,325,000

Coffee To Go (Starbucks Version)

The performer takes out a cup of coffee and show it to the audience. He says he is getting thirst..

Rp. 525,000

Coin Can Magic by G Sparks

"The Misers Dream Comes to the Modern World." Appear a Coin from Thin Air Produce 12 Half Dollar..

Rp. 550,000

Comedy Glass In Paper Cone

The magician announces that he will try to make an interesting experience, although he is not sure i..

Rp. 150,000